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Is the Mid-Life Crisis a Social Crisis?

April 23, 2018
In society, we often talk about someone having a “mid-life crisis”.  Sometimes it results in a sports car, a new spouse, or just unusual  behavior.  As ... Read More

Q2 2018 Newsletter

April 19, 2018
In our Quarter 2 Newsletter: President Lisa Kirchenbauer discusses her upcoming sabbatical, Associate Financial Advisor Kathy Frakes talks tax and gives advice on getting your recent Grad ... Read More

What does the "Omega" in Omega Wealth Management Stand For?

April 17, 2018
Over 11 years ago, a former team and I knew that it would be important to change the name of our business from Kirchenbauer Financial ... Read More

Is it March Madness or Market Madness??

March 23, 2018
  After a rocky week of headlines and market reaction, we thought we should provide you with some context regarding what’s happening and what to do ... Read More

Getting ready to file your taxes? …not so fast!

March 2, 2018
As we head into tax filing time, it’s always good to think about what you need to do to prepare to file while also thinking ... Read More


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