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March 6, 2019

2018 Mutual Fund Tax Info for Self-Preparers & CPAs


To assist you in your tax preparation for tax year 2018, we have gathered links to information regarding bond mutual funds.  Taxable bond funds that hold U.S. Government Securities may be exempt from state income taxes but taxable on your federal return.  In contrast, municipal bond interest is exempt from Federal income taxes AND may be exempt from state taxes, depending on your state of residence. As with most tax related information, please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax impact to you.

American Funds:

Loomis Sayles Funds:

MFS Funds Preparation and Filing Information:

Nuveen Municipal Funds 2018 Tax Guide:

Permanent Portfolio 2018 Supplemental Tax information:

Permanent Portfolio 2018 Tax Guide:

PIMCO 2018 Tax information:

Franklin Templeton (% of income attributable to Direct US Govt Obligations for 2018)

Templeton funds 2018 Tax Exempt interest guide:

Vanguard State-specific tax information for Vanguard Municipal Bond Funds:

Vanguard U.S. government obligations information:

Parnassus Funds:


T. Rowe Price:

Oppenheimer Funds:

Dodge and Cox:



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