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June 6, 2018

Back From Sabbatical: Rested & Refreshed!

By Lisa Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®

I’m a couple of days into my first week back at Omega after taking 6 weeks away from the business and reflecting on my sabbatical.

As I prepared to leave, a number of business owner colleagues were supportive, but surprised that any business owner could ever doing something like this and have a business to come back to.

Taking a sabbatical from a business or employment takes planning - we have helped a number of Omega clients plan sabbaticals for weeks and even months from work.  With all the work needed to plan for them, why take one? 

Given increasing longevity, many people will be working longer than their parents; thinking about your career lasting into your 70’s is less and less unusual.  Taking a break to rest, reflect, and maybe even retool, can be critical.  In my case, I had been running hard with my business over the last few years and also knew that in 2 short years, my 16 year-old twin boys would be off to college.  I wanted to take time to be with them and my husband, reconnect with friends, read, garden, and generally invest time in getting my house in order (decluttering, fixing, researching). 

I’m happy to say that the sabbatical was a success!  I had some great time with friends & family, including my 22 year old son while he was home from college! I also got to enjoy some down time, grocery shopping during the day (!), a couple of movies, and a lot of reflection time.  My husband masterfully built a firepit/patio in our backyard (check out the finished product), which will hopefully attract teenagers to our house, and I bought a fun car (through the business) to help fill the gap in cars with 4 drivers in our house. 

While I was out, my Team had a chance to catch their breath, take time to invest with clients, catch up on their work, and prepare to welcome a new associate and summer intern.  Their confidence and capabilities increased which is a win-win for everyone.  For business owners, I think it’s essential that, from time to time, you test your Team to see how indispensable you are becoming and in turn how much more valuable the business can be.  We have a fantastic Team here at Omega and I remain grateful for this time off.

Interested in taking your own sabbatical? Reach out to us today! 





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