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December 14, 2017

Omega charitable fund to support hurricane relief!

Happy Holidays! 


At this time of giving, we want to announce that we have set up a donor advised charitable fund, and are contributing 1% of this quarter’s revenue to seed it.  Our goal for this quarter is to support ongoing hurricane relief.  We know the need is great, and we wanted to find a charity that is focused on multiple locations in need, not just a particular region.  Our donations will be directed to Omega Community Impact Fund. 


If you are interested in contributing to our new fund “Omega Community Impact Fund”, please go here* to make your donation, or mail a check** made out to ImpactAssets, along with the required form (note: Giving Fund ID is not required within the form), to: 


Impact Assets

7315 Wisconsin Ave

Suite 1000W

Bethesda, MD 20814


*Online donations have a 3.5% credit card processing fee and require a $10 minimum contribution

**Checks below a $250 value will incur a $10 fee


To be transparent, we are using the Impact Assets donor advised fund because we believe in their work and they have been a good partner to us and a number of Omega clients.  We will NOT receive any compensation, whatsoever, for donations made to our fund.  We appreciate the support of our clients and their business for so many years, and in honor of them and our other close financial colleagues, we are making this donation for 2017.  We expect to add to this fund over time and look for other projects and charities in need of support.  We thank you in advance for any amount that you feel comfortable adding to this fund before year-end.


As a firm specializing in financial transition management, we are sensitive to the fact that although the news around hurricane recovery has moved on, the people, families, and business affected will continue to need support for months and years to come.  It is in that spirit that we focus our first financial fundraising effort on hurricane relief during the holidays.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance connecting/donating to our fund.


Have a great holiday season,





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