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Cracking the Code - Lisa and Jared's front-page JFP Article was named to 2018 Best of JFP Magazine!

January 14, 2019
Jared and Lisa's joint article Cracking the Code: A Blueprint for How to Work with Millennial Clients was recently featured in the 2018 Best of Journal of ... Read More

The Anatomy of Your Portfolio

October 30, 2018
  The Anatomy of Your Portfolio And What to Expect in Return Jared Jones, CFP® One question we get most often from our clients centers around returns and how ... Read More

October Omega Newsletter

October 26, 2018
Happy Fall! In the latest edition of Omega's newsletter, Lisa talks in-depth about how "winter" can throw you (and your portfolio) off and how to approach it, ... Read More

Finance and Investing 101: Goals-Based Investing

October 22, 2018
In the first installment of our Vlog series Finance and Investing 101, Jared and Lisa chat about the importance of goals-based investing and how creating different "pools" ... Read More

Yield Curve Inversions - SEI Article

September 18, 2018
SEI's Erin Garnett recently wrote about The Yield Curve and why it's important to not try to time the market. Read an excerpt below and follow ... Read More


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