Davis Gardner

Financial Planning Associate

Why I work for Omega:  I was introduced to the financial planning profession during my 

sophomore year of college.  As I began applying for jobs, Omega’s Financial Life Planning approach immediately resonated with me.  I admire the culture and atmosphere of the office, and am incredibly excited to join the team.  I look forward to providing Omega with a fresh perspective while supporting and learning from our advisory team.     

What I do here at Omega:  As a Financial Planning Associate, my role is to support our Associate Financial Advisors and to learn continuously.  This includes helping prepare our advisors for client meetings, taking detailed notes, and performing any necessary research or other various tasks.

My educational background:  I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economic Management with a concentration in financial planning, as part of the CFP® program.     

Results from Kolbe & StrengthsFinder:
Kolbe: 5762
StrengthsFinder:  Adaptability, Harmony, Context, Consistency, Developer

Personal Interests & Passions:  While away from the office, I am interested in college and professional sports, but mostly Virginia Tech football and basketball.  I enjoy being around people, watching good movies, and I love animals.



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