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Lisa Kirchenbauer has been a part of the financial services profession for 30 years and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional since 1991.

Lisa began as a registered sales assistant with E.F. Hutton.  She has served as trader on a trading desk, as well as holding various corporate positions over the years.  

Lisa founded her firm in 1999, and Omega Wealth Management, LLC became an independent firm in 2004.  

In 2005, Lisa became a REGISTERED LIFE PLANNER® through the Kinder Institute of Life Planning where she serves as a senior trainer and mentorship leader. She has recently gained her Certified Financial Transitionist™ designation through Sudden Money Institute and is a long-time participant in the Strategic Coach program. In addition, she is a Kolbe Certified Consultant™ and uses that assessment to guide her in client communications, team building, and business strategy. Lisa is a member of the FPA National Capital Area Chapter and NAPFA.

Lisa was named the 2014 Financial Planner of the Year by the Financial Planning Association- National Capital Area Chapter.  She was also recognized on the 2014 “Washingtonian” magazine’s Top Wealth Advisors List. She was recently listed as Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Financial Professionals for 2015.

In 2011-2012, Lisa also served as part of the FPA Retreat Task Force.  

In 2015, she debuted her “5 Essential Skills of an Exceptional Planner” presentation at FPA BE in Seattle, Washington and at NetworkFP in Mumbai, India.  She will be speaking at FPA Georgia’s 2-day symposium in May 2016 and at the Dutch Financial Planning Association's annual meeting in the Netherlands in early 2016.

Lisa graduated from Stanford University with honors in International Relations and is an actively involved Suzuki music parent, skier and hiker. Lisa resides in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and three sons. For fun, Lisa plays classical percussion in her husband’s community concert band.

On a Lighter Note:

Why I work for Omega: Because I own it!  But really it’s because I wanted to have the opportunity to provide financial planning advice to my clients in a way that is how I think it should be done.

What I do here at Omega: I’m the Founder, Mentor and Coach.  I provide strategic financial life planning advice and coaching to our clients.  I am mentoring our associates to become the best planners they can be.

Results from Kolbe: 5582 - Guide, Discover, Imagine, Envision  
I help our clients discover their true strengths and most deeply held values and vision, and then help them imagine the possibilities and guide them to that integration of their values, vision and wealth.  As one client also said, I "help our clients look several mountaintops ahead to what’s possible and what they should be planning for."  

Results from StrengthsFinder:  Activator (I help make things happen), Individualization (I am able to see the unique gifts and talents that each person has), Empathy (I am able to connect with people at a deep level), Connectedness (I can see how everything fits together and I am all about integrating!), and Communication (I am good at communicating what people are thinking and feeling and in distilling the essence of what’s most important).

Personal Interests/Passions: My life purpose is to have a positive and significant impact on as many people as possible while I’m on the planet…through my financial life planning work, through coaching & mentoring, by just helping people to see their light and possibilities.     On an even "lighter" note… I LOVE the mountains… hiking, skiing, just being there!   I also play classical percussion and have raised 3 musician sons.



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